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Well, it’s over. There’s no use hiding from it: 5 songs have leaked tonight. Songs that shouldn’t have. One that absolutely should have never leaked. We have the downloads for each, but that isn’t anything special, since because of ignorant fools you can probably find them on a lot of pages. We don’t encourage you to go looking for them. We will absolutely not be posting any of the songs that have just gotten out, as we do not condone their leaking and we are extremely disappointed with a lot of people. May this be a lesson to Lana Del Rey fans: do not be so greedy. You’ve jeopardized any future leaks, even for the older songs. You’ve jeopardized the presence of these Lana “leak” or information blogs that you cherish and hate so much at once. But most of all, you’ve jeopardized Lana’s next album, something we were all anticipating as a fanbase together. An album that we may now never even see or experience in a good way, because we already know of Lana’s hesitance to release another record. Reflect on this post for a bit, and hopefully learn from your mistakes.

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Download links for the 8 new Lana leaks


Hawaiian Tropic: http://d.pr/a/1HZ

Scarface: http://d.pr/a/ibTd

Daytona Meth: http://d.pr/a/2NSt

Catch and Release: http://d.pr/a/6MJY

Tired of Singing the Blues: http://d.pr/a/MFOC

Television Heaven: http://d.pr/a/aCqW

Maha Maha: http://d.pr/a/n8IS

Golden Grill: http://d.pr/a/F6JH


It’s like a Hollywood movie, 
The black and white way of sparkling truly. 

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Tropico Update


Lana Del Rey told fans in Lebanon that her new short film/music video is going to be a story about Adam (played by Shaun Ross) and Eve (played by LDR) based around the plot of them both finding their way back to their “innocence”

Updated: The video starts at the beginning of time when God created the first humans (Adam & Eve) and she eats the apple and then goes down to earth where they both go through hell and return to innocence (heaven). 

As mentioned before, Tropico will feature the songs Body Electric, Bel Air and Gods and Monsters and will be directed by Anthony Mandler!


Lana yesterday in Athens, Greece.